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We aim to offer a cost-effective camp site, along with friendly and caring staff, for youth groups, church groups, campers and hikers, as well as corporates wanting to break away for teambuilding.

School and Church youth


Disakloof offers an enclosed campsite that makes it safe for schools and churches to host educational, leadership and spiritual formation camps for groups of up to 100 young, exciting and energised people.

Disakloof boasts two halls, equipped with kitchens that make camping throughout the year possible, irrespective of the weather conditions, all year round.

There is enough grass to facilitate outdoor activities and learning experiences for children, young people, and adults.

No wonder Disakloof is the perfect place – even to host indoor hockey, chess and tabletennis tournaments!



Many private organisations and companies have made use of Disakloof as base for the facilitation of adventure camps. These organisations and teambuilding adventure companies were also able to provide catering services to their clients. Please see the contact details below.

Frixion Adventures

Brett Pamario
082 855 6271

Gravity Adventures

Marie Louise
082 692 4399

Solid Rock

Pierre Viviers
082 774 1015


There are many ways that campers tackle camping. Some like to camp out in tents, canopies and braaing every night, while others prefer a comfortable bed, a kettle, a stove and a private shower.

Disakloof offers facilities for families to either camp out, or enjoy glamping. The available housing units vary in size and capacity and make family camping affordable, since the rates are per house, and not per person..

The campground is enclosed, so parents can have ‘carefree’ holidays, knowing that their children are safe within the boundaries of Disakloof.


Disakloof is situated at the foot of the mountain in Betty’s Bay and offers exciting hiking trails. Adventurous hikers often use Disakloof as base to explore the local mountains and shorelines.

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